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Dorado Elk Lodge

Located in Paonia, Colorado

Dorado Elk Lodge is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath cabin located at the base of Mt. Lamborn in hunting unit GMU 53.  This property has 388 acres of private land that boarders over 3,750 acres of BLM public land.  Once on the BLM to the east, it is only a few hundred yards to the border of the Gunnison National Forest, where you then have access to over 1 million acres of beautiful Colorado hunting ground.

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Dorado Elk Lodge

Located in GMU 53

GMU 53 offers over the counter archery and rifle Bull Elk tags, making Dorado Elk Lodge an excellent hunting destination year after year.  Along with available tags for Mule Deer, Black Bear, and Merriams Turkey, Dorado offers a unique opportunity to chase your favorite western game species with the comfort of an amazing lodge to come back to each evening after a long days hunt.

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